Tinkercad to Minecraft

So, the kids at the middle school have been doing some classwork with Project Ignite and Tinkercad. They were doing some assignments and then at the end they had to design a project of their own.

In addition to downloading the file for 3d printing, Tinkercad gave an option to download into Minecraft. So I took one of the kids who designed a Penguin and had him download the minecraft schematic. I was able to import it into a server I had using WorldEdit.

Pretty neat. Check it out below.
One of the kids also designed a pickaxe, so I imported it as well.

Contraption Maker

So, the middle school is doing this in a couple of weeks. It’s called Contraption Maker. Basically, you make Rube Goldberg machines. There’s a bunch of puzzles to complete and a mode where you can make you own.

I’ve pretty much been challenged to design something super crazy to challenge the kids.

Contraption Maker

Delivered discreetly?! Ha!

Recently, I ordered a battery for a Macbook I’m working on. As I have the box sitting on my desk, I’m having second thoughts about the company I ordered it from.. What happened to discreet packaging?!


New Desk and Sound System!

Got a new desk. The old one took up like 1/4 of my room and was becoming old. I was tired of having zero space and needed something new.

[zenphotopress album=13 sort=random number=3]

The desk is from Sauder’s Shoal Creek collection, and it was HEAVY. The box was 205 lbs. Pretty easy to put together but heavy and hard to move by yourself.

Sound Bar
I also picked up a sound bar from LG. It’s 300W and sounds damn good. Way cheaper than buying a system designed for computers. Comes with a wireless (bluetooth) woofer. It has optical (toslink) and aux (3.5mm) inputs as well as bluetooth.